Hair and Body Butter Benefits

💫 Nourishes and heals dry scalp 

💫Treats and heals "Cradle Cap" (Commonly found on new born babies scalp)

💫 Treats dandruff

💫 Great for hot oil treatments

💫 Treats, heals and softens dry hands and feet

💫 Help with the healing process for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, sunburn, minor skin irritations

💫 Dark-Spots

💫 Psoriasis

💫 Eczema

💫 Helps treat Rosacea

💫 Holds anti-aging properties

💫 Great for beards 

💫 Promotes hair growth 

💫 Strengthens and Nourishes the hair follicles

💫 Gives the hair and skin that healthy natural Glow and shine