Alvin Golden Jr. (35) Father, Master Barber, Owner and CEO of Golden Glow Products LLC, originally from Flint-Beecher, Michigan, now residing in Atlanta GA, He's always had this Glow about himself. His Golden Glow journey would start early in his childhood with him over shadowing his now late Grandfather, Clarence Golden Sr., who was also a Master Barber in the Flint area.

Alvin Jr., spent the earlier part of his youth watching his Grandfather conduct his business daily. Cutting his clients hair, as well as sell hair and skin products out of his home based Barbershop. This, unknowingly would be the first seed planted that would ultimately blossom into what we now know as Golden Glow Products LLC.

Growing up in a household with his 2 older sisters and his mother, there were always different hair and skin care products just laying around. It was this product for that, that product for this, literally, his family had a mini beauty supply store in their bathroom.

Understanding the fact that, he too would one day loose his hair as did his Grandfather, Father and all his Uncles definitely devastated him. He figured he had to do something to better his chances of not loosing his hair when he got older. So he started using every product that his sisters and mother used.

After awhile taking care of his hair became priority number one. He found what products worked for him and that's what he used everyday. As he started to get a little older he took a liking toward basketball. He saw the haircuts on the different basketball players, with the lines and designs on the sides, and that's exactly what he wanted, a more up-to-date haircut. 

Only one problem, it's kind of hard to break up with your Barber when he's your Grandfather. It took sometime to grow on him as well as his Grandfather, but after a few times of him seeing the "New" way his Grandson wanted his haircut. He knew then that his Grandson had only outgrew the haircuts, not him.

Being around his Grandfather had molded and definitely was starting to rub off on him. By the time Alvin Jr., was about six or seven years old, he had secured a job working in one of the local Barbershops in his neighborhood. There, is where he would build a close relationship with a Barber named "Will Brown" who was also the Owner of the Barbershop.

Will Brown, being one of the best Barbers in the area and rightfully so, he could basically do it all. Will would soon be performing at a "Hair Show" held in Flint, and asked Alvin Jr., if he would like to be apart of the show? Once he got the okay from his mother it was set. All the time he'd spent making his hair a main priority was seemingly starting to pay off. 

Being at the Hair Show was like being the "Main Event" of a WWF or Professional Boxing match. Once we were on stage it was lights, camera, action.